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Posted in Uranium Willy's Bullpen on September 6, 2011 by Bill Courtney
I noticed the other day that my little stat counter deal showed I had passed 50,000 page views and I guess that is not too bad for a blog that has had a little over three months of actual work put into it. The site was put up back in May when I felt the winds of change blowing in regards to my old hosted blog and I had reservations about moving to Blogger -only because Blogger is blocked here in China- but now am fully satisfied with the Blogger experience. I realize that I can continue with the blog here and if something happens, as in not being able to connect through my VPN, then the blog will be there until I can get back to it. At the hosted service the blog vanished without any notice –will not get into that again- and so there is no security there either, plus I had to pay money to maintain the site there. At first there were some issues with Blogger (and still are a few) I did not have with WordPress but with a little work you can over come those. I even figured out how to do some SEO and Meta Tag tweaking in Blogger than helps to get my site out there in the Google search engines easier. Not easy to do and you have to fool around in your HTML but my traffic is pretty good most days and posts already are showing up on the 1st page of Google. Hopefully someday somebody will create an easy to use SEO Blogger gadget, as well as a gadget for tweaking permalinks. You just need those things to increase the chances of your posts being found in searches.

But like with my old site I have come to realize that I am not the type of writer/blogger that inspires people to leave comments. I do get a few and I appreciate them, but I accept now that I will never have that robust interaction like I wanted to have with the readers. A couple posts have gotten about a 1000 hits each and yet neither have a single comment. Yet I check out other blogs looking for new movies or inspiration and can get really depressed to see someone post a few sentences about a recent movie with a single photo and then have ten or twelve comments crop up around it. I admit my fault in this as well. I do not address my audience in the way it says to in order to inspire comments. I guess I sound aloof in many of my posts but I just want to write about the film and garner some discussion around it, or get new information or trivia I missed or get corrected on information I was mistaken about. Also the subject matter is very eclectic and not very topical. Lot of blogs right now dealing with posts on remakes –like The Thing remake, which I have an opinion on actually- or doing myriad Top Ten posts, and while I like all that to read I am not the type to do those sort of posts here. My other site Necrotic Cinema deals with more recent horror films but I do not update it enough really. It is not easy doing two blogs I have come to find out. But even there my attempts at topical posts -like the pros and cons of CGI effects in new horror films- mostly go nowhere and so I tend to just do what I want to do. I still try to leave a good comment here and there at sites and will not let the absence of comments here embitter me. Everyone is welcome here whether you leave a comment or not. I teach English in China and so know the feeling of having students come to an English class and never speak a word of English. But they keep coming back, so I can deal with it.

I am considering have guest posters here to try and cover more old movies. I have decided not to try and guest post anywhere else as my attempts at doing so turned out all negatively.  I felt I was even treated a bit rudely in a couple cases and so forget that. In the end people we are all just running movie blogs of one sort or another and competing to be the tallest midget in the circus. No need to be so serious about it. Our private lives can get in the way sometimes with work and health and life traumas that I tend to not discuss online. But I have had my share this year. I can’t fulfill a commitment to doing a movie review when I have a life issue that is eating me away day by day. And in regards a couple people –I will name no one as I still follow these blogs and like the output there- I had gotten in contact with a return email –even a refusal or change of heart- is the polite and professional way to go. All that being said, I am considering opening up the site to guest posts in the way that Nate Yapp does sow ell over at Classic Horror. I would be pretty lax in requirements and editing really. Mostly impartial, information laden reviews on most film between 1940 and 1980 with no profanity would be accepted. Would not be looking for films to be panned harshly. But we will see where that goes and anyone reading this who want to contribute can reach me here in the form of a comment or  at:

I will get back and not ignore anybody. If I do it is simply because I have not checked my email yet. I will advertise at FB maybe and if no one is game that is cool too. But there are too many movies for me to cover and I want to have more of these forgotten films covered. Multiple reviews/articles of the same film are okay. We can see where it goes if anywhere.

As well I am back to work and it has been a stressful year for me in China with work and visas issues. China has become my home and yet I live here, basically, year to year with no guarantees as to what may happen next year. I have a wife and an apartment here and yet I deal with a stress only ex-pats can identify with. By ex-pat I do not mean a student studying abroad for a year or two or someone on a long holiday. I mean someone who has forsaken their own culture and lives in  basically an alien and sometimes hostile environment of their own choice. Easy to do if you feel more like a foreigner in your own culture of course.  And I cannot even speak Chinese other than a crude survival level. It sometimes has that Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn feel to it all. But that is the bed I made for better and for worse. The blog is up and running smoothly these days and I am grateful for that. Thanks for the visits and even if no one leaves a comment I know from my stats you’re out there in festering little swarms and that is all I can ask for.



Posted in Uranium Willy's Bullpen on July 11, 2011 by Bill Courtney
Seems that The Uranium Café is nestled into its little niche here at Blogger and doing well enough. Traffic is doing better than I thought it would and I learned how to do a few tweaks in the Blogger html area to help the site show up a little ore on Google. Not really easy to get all that going in Blogger but there are a few options out there for helping to generate meta-tags and all that esoteric mumbo jumbo. Also my site seems to be rocking on StumbleUpon suddenly and getting some traffic from there I did not expect. As well I am a bit shocked that my number one post so far is the super b-movie Mary Jane with Fabian with 418 page views since 2 July 2011. I just would not have expected that really. Can use the new Blogger stats area to check all that now and I will give the people more of what they want in the future. You like pot smoking 60’s teenagers? You got it. Lot of cool changes in Blogger other than just the stat area and while it may take some trial and error tooling around you can get some things going in it that was not really available a couple years ago. The new themes are noteworthy as well and I use the Traveler theme. Really flexible and nice looking.

The podcast is back and working. Need to give it some direction but the main thing is I have it up and going. Using audio hosting through the Internet Archive and am very happy with the service there. Able to do some audio samples as well such as dialog samples from films and maybe song samples as well to accompany posts with Rapishare links to albums I will be sharing in the future. Expect more books (such as the Blazing Combat collection I shared in a previous post) from my Rapidshare account as well in the future. Also back is the Matinee and I think I have four movies there already. As well using the Internet Archive to host those films from my collection. Just put up The Flesh Eaters and uploading the Eddie Romero film Mad Doctor of Blood Island as I write this. All great stuff and free to view and download.

In short just nice to be back blogging and getting stuff back up. Still in the process of moving my old posts up to the new site. That is why if you check my archives it shows a surge of manic activity. These current posts were all backed up on my hard drive and I have to manually repost them one at a time and reupload the images and get all that sorted out. But some new material coming soon as well. Only complaint, and one I have had from the beginning of my so called blogging career is a lack of comments. My Mary Jane gets 418 page views yet not one single comment. But that I something I have come to accept really. If you want to comment that is great, if you don’t well enjoy the visit and I hope you learnesomething you can use on Jeopardy someday.


Posted in Uranium Willy's Bullpen on June 6, 2011 by Bill Courtney
Well I guess it is safe to say I have successfully relaunched The Uranium Cafe (never know if I supposed to capitalize the indefinite article there or not) after the debacle I had at my hosted account. I like the new Blogger compared to a couple years ago and I will not miss all the FTP and hacker issues I was having before. I will not go into that and you can read a short tirade on it over at Necrotic Cinema if you like. Nothing exciting however. Some general info is in line here however. I am moving my posts over one at a time from my hard drive to here. These posts are actually not the finalized posts that appeared on my old site after I had made final editings after the posts was published. There is no doubt that they are riddled with typos and information that needs some changing, but I am just getting the posts up with all their flaws for now and I can edit them later if I want to. Right now not in the mind set to re-read all those posts and update them. 
I am debating how to handle the new site and how much emphasis, for example, to put into things like music or comic books. If any. The deal here is some of my music posts got the most hits and comments on the old site. I have, for now anyway, solved the problem of free audio file hosting and have unlimited storage and bandwidth through a “secret” place. I am using the Google Reader player to play back my audio uploads. What this means too is I can get back to my podcast idea. Simply have to have audio storage to do all that. Also not sure how much of the new site will be devoted to comic books. But my feelings on that may change. Right now I am not very excited about the idea but I am no doubt still a bit pessimistic after having my old site hacked to death then removed from the Internet by my spineless hosting service. Oh yea, I am not going to talk about that.
As far as movies go I am going to slightly fine tune the new site but not by too much. The emphasis will still be on obscure cinema and their makers.  But there will some films that will be well known though still basically of the “cult film” variety, only some cult films are a little more successful than others. There will still be thumbnail galleries and trailers to add some visual quality to the posts. In most ways the site will be about the same. I am even using the same general color scheme for my backgrounds and fonts so readers can still have that warm, cozy sensation they used to get.
It is unlikely I will get back the traffic numbers I had before and I guess that is okay. Well not really but can I do, right? I did find that having one’s labor of love project suddenly die off creates a barely noticeable trickle on the net than the tsunami I felt. I think 3 or 4 regular readers sent regrets and I thank them. very kind of you. The rest of you soulless bastards can burn in Hell! Nah, just kidding. No big deal. In the end it is just another horror/cult movie blog and the best any of us can hope for is to the be the tallest midget in the circus and not take it too seriously. I have a lot of work ahead of me to just move the old material over here and it may be some time before I get up any new stuff, like my essay on Eddie Romero I am researching now. But there will be new stuff. I am not posting things in the chronological order they originally appeared in on the old site and I am definitely taking the whole affair more lightly than before. In the end I am updating the new site on Blogger, which is blocked here in China. Things depend on my VPN working as well as the connection quality of my ISP, which usually sucks. Reality is this site may go down too someday if my connection is too slow to update from over the VPN service. But I will continue, until my last breath, to get up quality posts on great and unknown classic B-movies and trash cinema. It is more than my hobby. It is my mission in life.
Bill D. Courtney


Posted in Uranium Willy's Bullpen on March 11, 2011 by Bill Courtney

This is not really the end of my hosted site for the time being  (I hope) but I am going to monkey around here with the idea of The Uranium Cafe existing at Blogger. There are many reasons for this and many reasons why it has never happened before. I am not anti-Blogger but the service is blocked in China where I live and hence the very reason The Uranium Cafe wound up at a hosted service in the first place. I am sort of tired of continuous security issues and site problems at the hosted service. My tech support there is fabulous and that is not the issue. Other providers can be much less professional and concerned and yet more expensive than

This is just something I have to make some sort of decision about eventually I guess and the best thing to do for now is to begin moving posts over one at a time when I am up to it. There will have to compromises in terms of reducing my images and what to do with audio files and all of that and I am not going to worry about all of that right now. It is going to be enough work to get the thing going and then try to create some traffic around it. It is not going to happen by tomorrow or next week or even in the next few months.
UPDATE 15 May 11: The old Uranium Cafe is gone and my god-awful hosting service -that I spoke kindly of above- will not even do a redirect for me. Said they would but it has not happened and so the reality is I am here now and must begin the site over from scratch. No time to waste crying over spilt milk. Just need to decide how to do the new site and then just do it.