I had high hopes for hosting some cool films at Internet Archives and then embedding them here but all my movies were deleted. All of them. I had tried to be careful about copyright issues and uploading either foreign films (whose copyright rules usually do apply in the US) and movies made before 1964. I am not sure what I did wrong and if I should have selected Public Domain or something as the license, but it is a lot of work to upload to there, real slow and then it takes almost a day for the file to derive. So, I guess I will not be using that place to host full length movies, and that about does it really. Sure they have other movies I can and will host, and a couple are still up here from other uploaders, but none are as cool as Night of the Bloody Apes or Mad Doctor of Blood Island. Google Video still seems to be playing back but I am not sure how long that will last, and now Youtube has full length films as well but I hate Youtube after they removed my video trailer channel. And their player is ugly, but I will see what I can find there. I will not give up on the Matinee idea and traffic wise I know people check them out. Let me go back to the old drawing board and see what happens.

A few days later: I may have figured out a work around with Internet Archives for hosting movies there and, maybe, will not get the films deleted even if they are copyright protected. The only way to know for sure is to upload a few movies, which I have begun doing, and then wait and see what happens.

A week or so later: The workaround idea (which was simply to keep the items out of the Internet Archive search engine and in a sense making them private) did not work. The files were still detected and deleted. So, so much for that.


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