I was going to do a longer article for this post but decided I would save that for another day. As my research source I would be using the huge volume from Taschen Books called Men’s Adventures which recounts a pretty thorough history of the men’s “true story” action magazines of, primarily, the 60’s. I want to get into these a little more deeply than my energy level will allow me to right now and so I thought I would introduce some of these outlandish titles covers for your viewing pleasure and save the deeper analysis for next time. In there will be a next time since I love this stuff so much and material is all over the net right pandering this material, and it should be pandered. While I have to say as a kid I can’t recall reading any of the stories on the inside of the mags despite the catchy blurbs on the covers I have always been devilishly hypnotized by the often lurid cover art by illustrators like Mort Kunstler, Norman Saunders and Gil Cohen. The themes were simply over the top most of the time and the artistic rendering was typically superb. Nothing like this has been going on since the feminist movements of the 70’s I guess. I am no social analyst but there seems to be a correlation between the time bras started getting burned and these beefy types of mags began disappearing.

The theme for the covers I selected for this post are around Nazis.  Mainly Nazi’s torturing white girls in various insidious methods. And when I say insidious that is just what I mean. These weren’t your fun loving Nazis that you would find at your average concentration camp following some sort of protocol. These were your loose canon type Nazis who did as they damned well pleased and when they did do something they wanted it was to full bodied white girls who were all tied up and hapless. I mean, one cover they have actually turned monkeys with serrated knives loose on some gals, girls get roasted alive on a couple others while on another cover a lass is branded with a swastika while her companions look in from their cage and wait their turns. Only one of these covers has the good white guy sneaking up behind the damsel’s  wretched captors. This was common on many of these covers and he may have a gun, or a knife or maybe just his bare hands. But somehow you imagine the girl will be okay. I assume no good white guy sneaking up from behind in the dungeon means the girl’s fate is sealed. The covers are often nihilistic in this sense, but still a lot of fun. I have always felt nihilism was an underrated form of entertainment. And you have to love some of those article titles. Simply priceless.

For a great blog on this subject check out Men’s Adventure Magazines 




  1. Hi there. Are you the same Uranium Willy that's following me? I assume you. I tried to click on your name, but you must have your settings so folks can't see your blog in your profile. I had to google you to find it.Great blog by the way. I'm a big fan of pulp scifi.

  2. Hi, yes that would be me. One and the same. Not sure why my blog would not show up when you check me after I follow you. Probably why many of the blogs I follow don't get back, but the settings seem okay. No biggie for now.thanks for the follow and stay in touch. Lots of pulp and sci-fi coming up here. Bill

  3. Yep, I bet that's the reason why. Finding you took an extra step. You must have fixed it b/c the Uranium Cafe is now listed,however, I don't see the Necrotic blog. Hopefully you won't have that problem again. I bet you'll followers will be increasing very soon.

  4. Right, the Necrotic blog is under a different Blogger account and so has a different avatar thing. Syd Barrett I think. Let me check and make sure I am following you from there. i am nto as busy there.

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