I am sure the topics of my blog will attract a few readers old enough to remember the good ol’ days when mixing up topics like sex and Satanism in a magazine was a pretty fun and cool thing to do. This would have been long before the bogus “Satanic panic” craze of the late 80’s when almost everybody knew one person – I knew two myself- who had reclaimed memories –through the assistance of a hypnotist or hidden-memory therapist- of satanic ritual abuse as a child. I was never that lucky myself and I never actually saw any of these outrageous magazines as a kid. I did see a few of the “weasels ripped my flesh” type mags and rest assured you will be seeing covers from those soon enough here. These books seem to be riding on the wave of the “Satan is cool” period in western culture at the end of the 60’s and into the early 70’s. People like Aleister Crowley found a new generation of followers who felt drawn to his Do What Thou Wilt credo and they had no issues interpreting that in any way that suited them in the days of free love and cheap but potent LSD. Anton Zandor Lavey had a n actual church –painted in eye catching black- in San Francisco – and even penned a quaint little tome, not found on many coffee tables, called The Satanic Bible. Satan was everywhere it seemed. The obvious progression of events would seem to be, then, Satanic porn. Well, it would to me anyway.
Now a couple of these magazines just look like some of the typical softcore porn mags of the period that, probably, contained mostly b/w pictures with covered pubic hair on the inside. But now any book with the title Bitchcraft is pushing the envelope for the time. The covers for Bithcraft also have some staged –I assume- Satanic rituals while other covers like Satan –with an old picture of Bettie Page wrapped up a fur coat- seem to be fairly tame looking and the devil is drawn as a sort of Playboy Bunny type mascot. The Pagan books show what happens to good white girls who dabble in the practices of far eastern religions and the cover for Knight looks like a scene from a Jean Rollins film. Who could argue that this was surely the funnest time in history for Satan and his minions? Movies like Rosemary’s Baby and Race with the Devil sold tickets and girlie books like Satana were tucked under some guy’s mattress somewhere. Okay, maybe that guy later turned into the Son of Sam but you can’t let the extreme examples ruin a good thing.



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