Myron Fass was to magazine publishing what Ron Ormond and Al Adamson were to filmmaking, only lacking their dubious scruples. His best remembered for his wild assortment of magazines published from the 60’s to 70’s by the company called Countrywide Publications that he partnered with Stanely R. Harris. Harris would leave the partner ship after he was beaten to a pulp for some reason by Fass and would go on to form Harris Publishing who would purchase dwindling Warren assets and then later revive some of the Warren titles such as Vampirella. If you are of the middle ages as I am and thumbed through magazines during the 70’s you probably picked up more than a couple at any one time at the stand. He covered everything from unauthorized celebrity mags to UFO and occult books that were hot at the time and even gun magazine and some porn titles. There is no doubt that a man of Fass’s questionable character deserves some place here at the Cafebut details of his life are few and most likely apocryphal.
Most of what he published is lost in eternal obscurity but some titles that I definitely remember from way back in my book buying days are the one’s published under his Eerie Publishing company name. The name of the company is an obvious rip-off from Warren and the magazines were pale imitations of the finely done Warren books. Many of the stories were pre-code reprints and artist/writer credit is usually lacking. The covers were really the item here. They were graphic and lurid and unlike anything else on the magazine stand at the time. Truth be told I never bought one of these as a young lad. I was into Neil Adams, Barry Windsor Smith, Frank Frazetta and the other gods of comic book art and design. I found the Eerie titles cheap looking and I could tell the inside art was mostly reprints. I now have almost all of the Eerie titles in digital format and actually do not find them so terrible. Expect more covers and maybe some more stories from publishing shlockmeister Myron Fass and Eerie Publications here at the Cafe.




  1. I wish I could get these covers in large poster-sized prints. They are gory, gruesome, outrageous and so wonderfully wrong.

  2. Really the best part of the magazines although the inside stories are not really as bad as everybody makes them out to be. BAd, eh, still pretty bad I guess.Thanks John 🙂

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